The AEL workspaces stores and sorts a large volume of information/lessons. This module organizes information in the central data storage in hierarchies defined by the system. From this area the user has access to his personal and public folder and manage the documents. The search is available from here and also the approve content menu and the status of the imports.


This is where miscellaneous documents are stored.

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Shares list

Here you can manage the folders you want to share to other users. This shares can be folders from Personal folders or learning object folders from Personal RLO folders. You can view, add (Share another folder, Share another learning object folder options), edit(Operations / Edit) or delete (Operations / Delete) this shares.


Here you can manage bookmarks. In the left panel are available shares. This shares can be bookmarked by pressing the button Bookmark selected shares. Already bookmarks can be deleted by selecting them and pressing Delete selected bookmarks button. To save any changes brought to this page you have to click Save changes.

Lesson editor

Show animated tutorial for creating a lesson
The lesson editor can be launched from Personal RLO Folder / Create / Create lesson or from Workspaces menu / Create a lesson link.
First step is to upload files. For this operation select the root of the left tree, press Add files, select the files and then upload them. Next step is to add resources to the lesson. To do this select the files from the left and then press Add to Lesson Plan.

After a file has been used as a lesson's moment one can define the following associated attributes: resource type, description, hours, minutes or seconds. All this attributes can be added after double-clicking the corresponding cell in the list of lesson's moments. The changes will be applied after pressing the button Save. A lesson's moment can be deleted by selecting it and then press Remove activity and then Save.

To order the activites you have to drag-and-drop one or more activites in the desired position. Optionally, disciplines, study years, keywords can be added from the corresponding buttons.


Search history

Here you can view the search history. The report contains the following data about each executed search action that was saved:

The search actions shown in this report that are no longer considered relevant can be deleted using the corresponding Delete button.


Approve content

Here users that have the right to approve content can promote published content to public folders. You can view all content approvals, approve or reject content, view repository and content approval history.

Learning objects imports

Here you can view the learning objects asynchronous imports

Here you can view the learning objects of asynchronous imports that are finished (with either success or failure status).