This page is used for displaying the messages that the current user could be interested in (i.e. the grades he received etc.). These messages are sent automatically by the system whenever an event that concerns the current user takes place.

The Latest messages tab displays latest messages. The All messages tab from the center panel displays all received messages. The user can customize this list by hidding/showing groups of messages. Any message from this list can be archived. Archived messages are visible in the Archived messages tab. Once archived, messages can be permanently deleted.


This section allows AeL users to communicate by exchanging messages.

This page contains 3 tabs, Inbox, Drafts, Sent.

The Inbox tab contains a list of received messages, sent by AeL users. The Drafts tab contains a list of messages composed by the current user but not sent yet. Sent tab contains a list of messages sent by the current user.

By pressing Write new you can write a new message. Select a message to open, reply, forward or delete it.